2018 Ford EcoSport Exterior design And Engine


2018 will be the next level of the automobile not just on the design, but also the advance technology. It looks like the automobile makers are challenging each other. They try to find out the efficient and effective car to defeat the city with all problems behind it. One of a worthy waiting is 2018 ford EcoSport. This car has been upgraded for the technology of performance, designs, and the safety. Mostly, Ford is well-known as the truck mobile and SUV production.

2018 Ford EcoSport Exterior design

2018 Ford EcoSport Exterior design

However, this 2018 they reproduce their masterpiece of SUV into the smallest side. This will be a great upcoming since the Ford sales is considerable rising as feeding frenzy in every year. Still, it continues higher in the flowing year. This indicates that the public responds on this small SUV is winning people’s heart. In Addition, this cute beast still has the tied rival with the Fiesta Hatchback. For the design, 2018 ford design looks much simpler than the predecessor, especially on the front part.

The nose is a little bit down with a shorter look. This is completed with the basic design on the grill and the unity with the headlights. Foremost, it is using the LED system to enhance the shine much wider. Also, the fog lights with multiple functions are under them as a sign for other drivers when we are going to go through.

2018 ford ecosport interior

For the popular one based on some respondents, the Canyon Ridge is the rising star for 2018 ford EcoSport. The combination of black in some bottom parts and line in the up parts are the eye-catching blend. Moving to other parts, there are two doors in every sides as the access to enter the car. The rest, the rare door is to place the loads. This cabin can be compared with the Kia Soul in which the proportion of the layout and configuration.

2018 Ford EcoSport Engine

2018 Ford EcoSport Engine

As a city car, 2018 ford specs employs some optional powertrain to empower the speed under this car’s hood. First choice can be the directed injection with 1.0 liter. This turbocharge is supported by the Ecoboost of 3-cylinder with a front-wheel system. With this specification, the car will go around 99 to 123 horse power. This speed might be changed correlating to the market place. This prediction only on the paper and we still need wait the official announcement which may surprise the market whether higher or lower its prediction.

Second, the choice can be inclined to 2.0 liter with 4 wheel-drive system. 2018 ford EcoSport takes is the DNA of Ford in the wheel system. In this specification, the speed will rise significantly since there’s no a wasting movement of tires. About 143 horse power with 137 pound-feet of the torque. Again, this is only on the paper and official report has not been leaked yet to the market. Even though the engine compositions are different, the features for the transmission are the same, six-speed transmission. Also, the standard breaks for the safety are equipped.

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