2018 Ford Edge Review, And Specs


Purchasing a new vehicle will be the difficult one. Not just thinking about the budget, but also the specification. However, that will be so hard if we see some choices from Ford’s masterpieces. They are really compatible to make specification of car higher, at the same time, decreasing the cost. One of them is 2018 ford edge. With this design, Ford is step forward to immersing the SUV looks and its benefits into a new masterpiece. The curve and body design show the aggressive looks, strong and rife.

2018 Ford Edge Interior

The craziest thing is on the cabin gadget. This brings the concept of Ford SYNC 3 system developed by Ford. This is equal to bring to the Apple’s power of Car Play and Android Auto. This will share the information of climate report, the quickest way to locate some places, tracking location, and etc. At the same time, the display touchscreen will not only show the camera for parking, but also cellphone. This gives wider screen rather than the cellphone normally.

2018 Ford Edge Exterior

2018 ford edge allows you to stay focus on the road and driving rather than operating the mobile with small screen. For the entertainment, this is linked to the Apple music, sending messages, calls, and so on or can be said what in the cellphone is in display screen. Next to its device, the under vent of climate control is equipped well. This will maintain the cabin temperature and into the single corner.

2018 Ford Edge safety

Moving to the safety features, Ford offers the intelligent AWD. The makers equip this with sensors to monitor the accuracy of torque. This includes the information of synchronizing whether the front wheel and the rear one. This feature is in all models; base and high. Another thing is the nicely weight of the steering and well-controlled. Different from previous Ford Edge sporty steering, the design is completed to defeat the low-speed agility and stiffer shock. That device is aimed to demolish a problem on wheel and tire sizes are moving 20-something range. For the rest, they are airbags, breaking system, sensor camera for parking, and etc. Those are a preventive device to minimize the danger on a road.

2018 Ford Edge Under hood 

Following the review, it comes to what under hood is. It is reported that Ford is focusing to work on the 2018 ford base Edge. This has six-speed transmission with and surely is capable to reach 220 horse powers to 225 horse powers with 4-spool. This will increase remarkably if the engine is enhanced with any details. Some of them are 3.5 liter of V-6 leading this vehicle to 280 hp with the same point of transmissions and spool. The last choice is with the same engine and transmission, but it has twin turbo of V6. This is qualified as fast responsive on how the gear swift. In fact, twin turbo charged can hit the road to 315 hp. All of them are in the standard features and almost there is no lack of respond. In fact, the choice is depending on what 2018 ford edge will be for.

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