2018 Ford F350 Exterior and Price

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In Indonesia, using a truck design as a private car is quite small rather than driving with sedan or MPV still. However, it is quite different if the design is made by Ford Focus which has a huge fan in that country. This becomes the main reason why people still stuck with its technology. The story about Ford’s production is quite small in recent years. Almost there is no review about this beast. However, this automobile finally shows off for some cars. One of them is 2018 ford f350.

Different from f-350 platinum, this is available in two options for the engine. They are gas or diesel which is supported by rear wheel system or four wheel drive system. Also, it is completed by several fabulous cab and box in particular size. Sooner or later, the official will surely announce the specifications, performance, and some changes. Before it is released, the spy-shot pictures have been leaked to the internet regarding to this car. As well, the report from exhibition in 2017 as the prototypes becomes the only sources to elaborate thing.

2018 Ford F350 Exterior

2018 Ford F350 Exterior

Generally, it is expected that the appearance of 2018 ford F350 will be different from the previous type, but it is not. This is quite surprised since Ford tries to rebirth the DNA of latest type into the newest one. This seems that the engineers try to recall public with its identity as strong, private, sporty, and comfort for driving. Basically, the exterior design is still using the blue print of the old fashion.

This ford f350 best truck built with the masculine curve in every line. Specifically, the front bumper is a little bit going down and short with sporty LED. They are united with the bumper and the grill in the logo and the fog lights are under it precisely. A little bit higher, the window glasses use the selected material to enhance the concentration to avoid the hit and the UV. For the sides, there are two doors in every side as the access to enter with elegant accessories. The rest is the rare part which is still maintaining the wide and long loaded space.

2018 Ford F350 Price

2018 Ford F350 Price

If some people thought that this car is getting expensive, it indicates that they have seen nothing completely. Based on the rumors, Ford has just announced that their new range with the top trim is started at $80,835. This price is reasonable since the standard of the features is rising significantly especially for luxury truck market. Compare to the previous engine such as F-250, it takes the turbo diesel as the main power with 6.7 liter.

2018 ford f350 is equipped with the standard not only for safety but also the technology. Starting from safety, it is supported by the emergency breaks. This is able to prevent a serious damage in the crush. At the same time, the technology changes are quite a lot in the interior. They are completed with the heated leather, ventilated front seats, the steering wheel, the two customized tone of leather seats.

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