2018 Ford Kuga Interior and Engine


It could be stated that New Year is coming within in a month. This will be new chapter also for the automobile makers to launch their master piece. Not just the appearance changes, it also regards to the tech and engine which are correlating to the performance and the driving experience. One of the waiting list, it goes to 2018 ford kuga. This beast is obviously claimed as the best-selling model in two continents, Europe and US under different name. From now, Ford does not release the official detail, in spite some experts have already commented on this.

2018 Ford Kuga

As the starting point, 2018 ford kuga specs is the fusion between the 2008 and 2012 by adding some upgradable parts. In the exterior, it does not speak a lot except the heavy and the whole length which is much dull crossover. Specifically, the chassis takes the platform of the new Focus which is much lighter. This significant decreasing of heavy will be useful to empower the acceleration while driving. As well, the structure in every curve is more rigid than the previous version. This impact affects to the space in cabin to be wider.

2018 Ford Kuga Interior

2018 Ford Kuga Interior

Perhaps, the most exciting one in the new advanced tech for 2018 kuga is the premium audio system. The rumors have shown that there is combination between Ford and Bang Olufsen’s to design a portable audio. This audio can be set up with 675 watts and it is equal for 10 speakers in Titanium Level. This change looks a lot like the Escape, Focus, and Fiesta, but Kuga slightly moves it much wider about 8 inches on the touchscreen display. This little SUV is claimed as the largest display on the segment.

Another thing about 2018 ford kuga is the seat purposed only for 7 passengers. Whether front and rear, they are possible using the electrical panoramic roof. Especially for rear seats, they are equipped with the sliding system which can be used to move or rearrange them by mean. Additionally, Ford’s dashboard has ever become the main problem when some people are not quite comfort with the Edge design. In this beast, that is totally gone.

2018 Ford Kuga Engine

2018 Ford Kuga Engine

In contrast, this is going to incline to the Fiesta design. It indicates that the car is closer to the better materials and functions. Again, Ford obviously has not stated the specifications yet, but some experts have already predicted the engine in it. This is based on the segments and the references of the previous generations. Those are connected and there are some options starting on the base engine.

2018 Ford Kuga Engine Exterior

First, 2018 ford kuga is 1.5 liter EcoBoost. This remains stays, but it is still appropriate for city car combined with 3-cylinder to produce 150 to 200 horse powers. The following option is 2.0 with 4-cylinder and it has an output 270 horsepower approximately. In addition, the transmissions are available in 6-speed manual and 9-speed automatic. Between those options, 2.0 liter is the best candidate and 9 speed transmissions are the current production of Ford with AWD system.

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