2018 Ford Taurus Release Date, Price, And Design

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The Taurus will be still on offer but many people said it is not the car to buy. The oldest current offering of ford is not as good as focus, fusion, or others. In fact, the latter outsold this car by massive margins that made ford considers about stopping it altogether. However, while the current vehicles would more than likely by stopped, the new version probably will take the places. Not that long ago, the company launches new Taurus for Chinese markets. It is basically Lincoln continental with the similar amount of feature as fusion. This version is currently manufactured in china and it is probably imported in US for limited numbers. With the launch of 2018 ford Taurus, it will still give ford the offering of full size sedan markets without having to spend the dimes on further developments and researches.

2018 Ford Taurus Release Date and Pricing

2018 Ford Taurus Release Fate and Pricing

The rumored newest Taurus will be mostly identical to Chinese vehicle with only real expected differences being a few trim levels. Instead of being imports, the 2018 ford Taurus price would not change too much. We would still expect that the base models will cost about $29,000 with higher end model for as much as $40,000. There is also police interceptor version and it would not be based on Chinese Taurus. Ford was still expected to continue the productions of older models in the forms of police car. There still is no information about release dates but it should hit markets at the end of 2017.

2018 Ford Taurus Designs

2018 Ford Taurus Designs

The current Taurus model is large and aggressive looking sedans with muscular line and muscle-car feel to them. Need to note, 2018 ford Taurus would be totally nothing like that. This car would look a lot more like stretched versions of fusion model. Its front end would get similar styles to that of pre-facelift fusion with similar grille, headlight, and bumpers.

On the others hand, the rears probably make use of the similar types of tail lights as Chinese models that are unusually larger for this car type. The small glasshouses from previous models would not be used anymore. The 2018 ford Taurus redesign would get larger windows all around that can improve the visibility considerably.

2018 Ford Taurus Interior

2018 Ford Taurus Interior

One of some drawbacks on current designs is the limited interior spaces. Despite its massive sizes on the outsides, the Taurus is average at best. The newest model must be nothing like that. Thanks to new platform and actually longer wheelbases, this new Taurus should offer pretty much the similar cabin spaces as the fusion model while having more room to its rear seats. Also, the features should be the same with the differences being the designs. This Taurus would feature more stylish looking dashboards, better material, as well as likely better build qualities.

2018 Ford Taurus Engines

2018 Ford Taurus Engines

So far, it seems that the new Taurus would hit the US markets with one of 2 engines. Its base model will get 20liter turbocharged 4 with 275 lb ft of the torque and 245 horsepower. For higher end model of 2018 ford Taurus, it is expected to receive 2.7-liter twin-turbo V6 engine. It is expected to produce 350 lb ft of the torque and 300 horsepower.

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