2018 Ford Transit Interior and Engine


The features of the exterior look Cargo Van, Passenger Wagon XLT, and Passenger XL. Specifically for the dimension, it is divided into three measurements. Starting at the roof dimension from low to high is in the number of 83, 100, and 109-110 inch. A little bit different, the wheelbase is at the number 130 to 148 inch. Then, they are classified into three including the regular dimension. Uniquely, this van prepares two options for the wheel; single or dual rear, and two sliding side doors. Both of them are supposed to be in all classifications starting form base to high. In those capacities, 2018 ford transit is available in 8 to 15 passenger versions.

2018 Ford Transit Interior and safety

2018 Ford Transit Interior and safety

The interior is quite progressive with the enhancement technology. Some options to be chosen are the SYNC 3 sized in 6.5-inch touchscreen. This aims to display the audio and visual and navigation. Even though t is not the largest in the segment, but it is quite helpful to enlighten the driver during a journey. Moreover, the navigation is supported by the GPS-based form Ford Telematics. This technology is able to inform the location and share it to the owners.

This tech is beneficial to maintenance the schedule to reach the highest target for commercial purpose. Along with that upgrade, the safety features are improving as well. For the improvements, 2018 ford full cargo that can be noticed are advance Track, front airbags, and Tire Pressure of Monitoring System. Especially for the Track, it maintains the stability of the roll.

2018 Ford Transit Engine

2018 Ford Transit Engine

Special for the engine, the reviews state that there will be three choices. This can be one of them is applied to all segments or based on the level. Started at the first choice, 2018 ford transit takes 3.7 liter empowered by V6 and it is able to reach 260 lb-ft torque. This is claimed to be the base engine which can have an outcome about 275 horsepower. At the same time, the second optional engine belongs to twin turbo with 3.5 liter empowered by V6 and 400 lb-ft torque. In this specification, the vehicle may run to the top around 310 horse power.

2018 Ford Transit Exterior

The last, it is quite different from the others since it is prospected for minimizing the fuel consumption. 2018 transit engine uses turbo diesel of the powertrain. In this case, it is claimed that the speed is about 185 horsepower with 350 lb-ft torque. The last choice could be the best one for enhancing the commercial use, especially on pressing the budgeting transport. In addition, all those engines are forecasting to employ the same transmissions, a six-speed automatic. For the manual, the reviews almost never touch this topic.

2018 Ford Transit

Previous generation regarding to 2018 ford transit has been designed in Europe a few years ago. Then, it is coming back with new details on the designs, technology, safety, and engine. Generally, this is a van type which has been purposed to replace the Econoline (E-Series). The main purpose of this vehicle is to carry passenger and cargo.

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