2019 Ford Flex Redesign, Performance, Price


Overall what lies beneath the story of 2019 ford flex, it will be boxy, but the edges are still in the smooth contours. Despite of that, the engineer still tries to make it look neat and stylish. Started at the face, the headlight and the grills are created to enhance the characters as though person. With that shape, the head looks in proportional down and the headlights are in the boxy style as well. The fog lights are still similar to the concept but in the small version.

2019 Ford Flex Interior

2019 Ford Flex Interior

Some prediction appears that the interior such as the dimension of the cabin, layout chairs, and the dashboard, it remains the same. This can be found in the version Flex 2008 especially the instruments panels which are locating in the low position and they are in driver’s range. This indicates the positions and the features are long lasting. Some of the examples are air conditioning vest and the SYNC 3 touch screen.

Even though there is positioning are no significant change, the system is getting improved. The touchscreen of SYNC 3 is capable to show the capacity of whether audio and visual even climate control. This device will works maximally when driver connects the internet service or links it with cellphone. Directly, the cellphone features can appear there automatically.

Inside the dashboard and steer-wheel, Ford prepares the airbags to prevent injured because of crushing and damaging in the first row. The second and third rows are much interesting. Both of them are equal with one car capacity. The only problem is only in the third row which the passengers cannot freely move their legs. Thankfully, the windows are in long measurements and it makes the cabin wider and airy.

2019 Ford Flex under Hood

For this case, Ford offers two options: 3.5 liter and Eco-boost V6. This First choice might be the appropriate one because it runs smooth and efficient for the fuel consumption. At this point, the vehicle will produce 287 HP and 254 pound-feet torque. The last, it is able to reach 365 HP as the top speed supported by twin turbochargers and directed injection. Especially for the transmission, the Flex 2019, either 2 WD or AWD systems, the engine is going to use 6-speed. This specification will allow driver to accelerate the vehicle into the maximum and responsive performance. Moreover, the new design in break features are improved the friction area and master cylinder.

2019 Ford Flex Estimated Price

In term of the price, the variety will be different based on the features and levels. 2019 ford flex has been announced by Ford that the estimation is started at $31,000 for the front-wheel system and $35,550 for AWD system. Another price is different because of the line up on the top which may spend $39,000 including the standard engine 3.5 liter with V6. If it is added by Eco Boost, the current cost can reach up to $40,000. For the real condition, it is a worthy to be waited in the middle of the month next year. The concept and the detail is going to be uncovered.

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