Ford Ka 2018 Specs, Exterior, and Interior


Ford ka 2018 is an upcoming generation. Basically, it was introduced in Brazil and sold in the following year. Based on some reviews, it is a great jump comparing to its descendent, Fiat 500. Replacing the entire body, it hits the market beyond expectation. In fact, next year is the great homecoming for the public to see its new design as low budget of four-door hatchback. So far, this best is already released and sold in some countries such as India, America, Brazil, and some area in Europe.

Overall, the dimension, engine, performance, and details are in the standard for city road. Perhaps, this is not special for the specifications, but this still offers some essential features to support city driving. Even, for any kind of its levels, this can be stated as the complete one. The car has been released last year in Europe but because it has been available in Brazil for a while, it seems an update is on its way with the upcoming 2018 Ford Ka+. So far there is still very little information about it.

Ford Ka 2018 Exterior platform

Ford Ka 2018 Exterior platform

Some reviewers are already leaked their own prediction that ford ka 2018 will take a guaranteed regarding to its predecessor. This indicates that the DNS of great aerodynamics will remain the same. Comparing this, the quality of driving experience can be felt in MK 6 Fiesta. Yet, some points will be demolished or replaced such as shrinking the grill, the headlights, and different intakes of bumper. As a result, this should be much more aggressive on the looks including the height is slightly lower that previous one. Also, the change comes from the measurements of the front wheels to fill the archers appropriately.

Ford Ka 2018 Spec

Comparing to ford ka+ 2018, the rear part will stay still with its old size. MK 6 and Ford Ka might not an exact choice to compare apple-to-apple, but they are quite alike with B-platform. This design is well-known as the stiff for chassis and running for gear. What lies beneath its combination is that driver will be comfort to swift and control. Something cannot be found in its rivals and small cost. However, there is something quiet unstable in the breaks and the engineer are still working on this.

Ford Ka 2018 Interior

Ford Ka 2018 Interior

Overall, the cabin does not have any remarkable change and it takes the same design as before. The layout and configuration will be enough for 5 people in comfort. The passengers can enter to this with 5 available doors. At the same time, both driver and passengers will have a great time since the gadget are quite complete including the display touch screen, audio visual, interconnecting device, SYNC 3 system, and etc. They are in the proper location in which driver can operate them in range.

To support ford ka 2018, automakers have prepared three optional engines: 1.0, 1.2, 1.5 liter gas. They will allow the car run into 90 to 100 horse powers approximately. For the better one, it is suggested to take 1.5 with diesel engine and it leads the speed to 100 horsepower equal to 215 Nm torque. If it is supported by EcoBoost, this increases significantly to 140 horse powers.

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